Can Dash Cam Videos Help Resolve Semi Truck Accidents?

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According to the Arizona 2015 motor vehicle crash facts, about 5 percent of trucks (with and without semi trailers) were involved in fatal and injury crashes of that year. Road accidents alone are a scary thought: with at least ONE person injured every 10 minutes. But adding massive, semi trucks into the mix and you’ve got yourself a huge problem.

Semi truck accidents are fatal for everyone sharing the road with them. However, as these types of accidents have unique complications compared to auto accidents, victims involved may find themselves in a tight spot. Questions about compensation, evidence, and proving fault, may not so easily be answered.

But what if one – or both – parties had a dash cam video of the incident? Would that help hasten the case? Can dash cam videos help resolve semi truck accidents?


What You Need To Know about Dash Cams and Semi Truck Accidents

Videos and photos are important evidence in every road accident. But just because you had a dash cam during the event, won’t automatically put the odds in your favor. Depending on the circumstances, it may or may not help you.

Take the 2013 truck accident as a good example. Arizona Department of Public Safety officer Tim Huffman was killed after an empty fuel tanker crashed into their cars. The dual dash cam video caught the truck driver on his phone while driving. Together with other evidence during the investigation, he was ultimately charged with second-degree murder and other crimes.

As you have read, a dash cam video can be a double-edged sword: it can incriminate you if you were driving recklessly or distractedly; but at the same time, it can also show if a semi truck driver was at fault during a crash. This insight into semi truck accidents can prove invaluable, especially if you’re not to blame.

Another benefit to owning a dash cam is that it can help show the extent of damages during the incident. Often, insurance agencies can deny your claim, using damages to your car as basis instead of the injuries you sustained. With a dash cam video, you can prove how injured you were after the wreck.

But please be advised: dash cam videos are NOT always a guarantee.


Points To Consider BEFORE Investing on a Dash Cam

In the case of semi truck accidents though, having more evidence than less is always good. Just don’t bet all your cards on a dash cam video.

Here’s why:

  • Dash cam videos, even dual ones, don’t provide the ‘WHY’ of the case (this is most important)
  • Some insurance agencies (or courts) may not acknowledge dash cam videos as strong evidence
  • Dash cam videos can still leave out crucial evidence (e.g. flat tire, malfunctioning equipment, etc.)

If you want to get a dash cam for your own protection (not just for semi truck accidents, but for everyday use), then it can be a good investment. After all, human memories are infallible.

Should you buy one, think about getting a dual cam, which has both a front (facing the road) and rear (facing the driver) camera. Experts advise one with full HD 1080p resolution for both cams. Look for other helpful features as well, such as: GPS, G-Force sensors, and ability to record when the engine is turned off. Pay attention to the size of the camera, too. Anything that is bigger than 5” x 5” may obstruct view of your windshield, breaking the law.

Most commercial trucks on the other hand, are required by their employers to have a dash cam. But as this type of technology is still fairly new, there’s no federal rule governing them yet.

In the event of semi truck accidents – with or without a dash cam video – it’s best to consult a semi truck accident lawyer. A legal expert is your best defense to help you understand the next best steps to take. Don’t delay: contact a professional Arizona truck accident lawyer today for assistance.

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