Car Accident Lawyers and Injury Attorneys in Palm Springs, California

According to the California Office of Traffic Safety, there were 3,074 car accident fatalities in California in 2014 alone. The Centers for Disease Control reports that car accident deaths result in $38 million in medical costs and $4.4 billion in lost work costs in California. These numbers don’t begin to account for the costs facing victims who survive car accidents and live with serious injuries. Victims and families may face immense medical bills, may struggle if a loved one has to miss time from work, and may face major lifestyle changes and pain and suffering damages as a result of a car accident.

Drivers have a responsibility when they get behind the wheel. They must follow the law and exercise care when driving. Yet, sometimes drivers fail to take the proper precautions. They may speed or drink and drive. Some text and drive, endangering others on the road. Others may use their cell phones or engage in distracted driving. If you’ve been hurt, the car accident lawyers in Palm Springs, California at the Ledger Law Firm can help you get the recovery you may deserve. Our firm can review the facts of your case, speak to insurance adjusters, and hold negligent parties accountable.

Steps You Should Take if You’ve Been in a Car Accident in Palm Springs, California

No one plans to be in an accident, but knowing what to do in the event of a crash can protect you. Taking the proper steps to protect yourself and ensure your safety after a crash ensures that your rights are protected. What you do at the scene of the accident can make a difference in your insurance claim and personal injury case. Here are some steps you can take a after an accident:

  • Call 911. Whether there are injuries or no injuries, you should always call the police to make a police report. Having a police report will make things easier should you need to make an insurance claim. If you decide to pursue a personal injury claim in the future, having a police report on record can help your lawyer understand what took place at the scene of the accident and offer proof that an accident took place.
  • Exchange information with the other drivers and witnesses. Always get information from the other driver and let your insurance company know that an accident has taken place as soon as possible.
  • Take photos of the scene. If you have a cell phone or camera, take photos of the damage to your vehicle and the other vehicle. Having a photo of where your vehicle stopped during a crash can also help your car accident lawyer later reconstruct what took place.
  • Don’t admit blame. Even if you think you may have been at fault for the accident, don’t admit blame. The immediate aftermath of a crash can be incredibly stressful. You may not have all the information you need to make an assessment of what happened. The other driver may have been distracted, under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or may even be driving with a suspended license. Wait until the police arrive at the scene and tell them what happened as simply and honestly as you can. Don’t admit blame. Don’t sign anything admitting fault.
  • Don’t release the other person from responsibility. Before signing anything or agreeing to any settlement, it may be wise to speak to a Palm Springs, California car accident lawyer like the Ledger Law Firm. Our attorneys can review your case, assess the value of your damages, and fight so that you receive the maximum compensation permitted under the law. Before accepting an offer from an adjuster, make sure you have the facts.
  • Speak to a car accident attorney. A car accident lawyer like the Ledger Law Firm in Palm Springs, California can help you understand a fair value for your claim and work with adjusters and negligent parties to help you get the recovery you may deserve. While you may be able to handle the claim for a small fender bender accident on your own, you may want to seek legal advice if you have been seriously injured or suffered extensive damages.

The Ledger Law Firm are Palm Springs, California car accident attorneys. We fight to protect the rights of those who have bene injured due to the negligence or neglect of another driver. Insurance adjusters don’t always offer drivers and victims the recoveries they may deserve. We fight to hold responsible parties accountable.

Fighting for Your Rights in Palm Springs

The Ledger Law Firm are Palm Springs, California car accident attorneys who assist victims who have been seriously injured in crashes. You may be suffering from a range of injuries and wonder how you’ll pay your medical expenses. Your family may be struggling. We work hard to help families move forward with their lives after a car accident. Whether you’ve been in a rear-end collision, a head-on collision, a multiple vehicle accident, a hit and run, a drunk driving accident, or a distracted driving accident, the Ledger Law Firm can fight for you.

You may only have a limited amount of time under California law to make a claim or pursue a lawsuit. The Ledger Law Firm offers free initial consultations. We can provide you with an honest assessment of your case and help you understand what your next steps should be. Contact us today at 800-221-7147. We fight for families and victims of car accidents. We can fight for you.