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Injured in a Trucking Accident in Arizona?

The number of trucking accidents in the state of Arizona is much higher than the typical Arizonan would estimate. According to the Arizona Department of Transportation, over 6,000 commercial trucking accidents occur in the state of Arizona each year. These collisions result in thousands of injuries and sometimes over 100 fatalities per year. On average, there are 17 trucking accidents in the state each day, including four crashes that cause injuries. Part of the reason for this considerable number of trucking accidents is the state’s heavy trucking traffic. Phoenix is an popular destination for shipped goods. Mix in the fact that innumerable big rigs travel through Arizona to reach drop-off points in California and it is easy to see why Arizonans are so vulnerable to trucking accidents.

Causes of Arizona Truck Accidents

While those who drive large trucks must pass through demanding training periods and subsequently qualify for a special drivers’ license, safely maneuvering a large truck is still a remarkable challenge. Big rigs can weigh upwards of 80,000 pounds. These behemoths are traveling at high rates of speeds next to more diminutive vehicles driven by everyday Joes. Accidents are bound to happen and when they do, the injuries are often quite severe.

Compounding the difficulty of maneuvering a large truck is the fact that the drivers must battle the elements. While Arizona does not receive much snow or rain, there are strong wind gusts that often create blinding windstorms. Once you consider the fact that the Arizona’s highways have never been more busy, it is easy to see why there are so many trucking accidents in the state.

Yet the poor driving habits of drivers is also a leading cause for the state’s extraordinary number trucking accidents. Truck drivers, as well as everyday people, often attempt aggressive maneuvers that are not necessary. In other instances, drivers are distracted by texting, talking on the phone or fiddling with the vehicle’s entertainment controls. Sometimes, these horrific accidents are caused by drowsy drivers who have been traveling far too long or truckers who have not been trained in the proper manner. Sometimes, truckers fail to adequately secure their cargo and those who share the road end up paying the price. Yet there are rarely any legitimate excuses for trucking accidents. Just about all of these accidents can be easily prevented.

What to Do After Suffering an Injury or Losing a Loved One

If you or someone you know has been involved in a trucking accident, you have the right to file a lawsuit against the responsible party. Arizona personal injury statues empower you to seek financial compensation for your medical bills, vehicle damage, pain and suffering. Since trucking accidents tend to be severe, the injuries suffered often require long hospital stays involving surgery and extensive recovery times. In certain instances, victims need long-term medical attention. These bills can add up to tens of thousands of dollars that you should not have to pay. A truck accident attorney can advocate on your behalf to recover damages to cover these burdensome medical expenses.

Those who endure a trucking accident often have to take extended time off of work to recover from their injuries. If the injuries are severe enough, it could take months or even years before the victim returns to work. Sometimes, the same job or pay level is no longer available or the victim can no longer perform the duties required of the position. With the help of a truck accident attorney, you will be fairly compensated for your lost wages. Significant compensation can also be obtained for the families of those who perished as a result of a trucking accident. Your truck accident attorney will help you file a wrongful death lawsuit in your quest to obtain the compensation that you rightfully deserve.

Victims Deserve a Zealous Advocate

A trucking accident is quite different from a traditional vehicle accident. Aside from the fact that these accidents tend to be much more gruesome, truck drivers typically work for corporate behemoths that have teams of experienced attorneys. They won’t give into the demands of a “Pro Se” client who attempts to navigate the legal maze by himself. These corporate lawyers are much more likely to bend to the will of a savvy Arizona truck accident attorney. Most trucking companies pressure their insurance company to offer a settlement offer to trucking accident victims. If you have a knowledgeable trucking accident attorney in your corner, you’ll likely receive a markedly better settlement offer. He’ll also work on your behalf to obtain the most possible money to compensate you for your lost wages, medical care and/or the loss of a loved one in the event that an acceptable settlement offer is never made. Do not hesitate to reach out to us today for a free case evaluation. We can help you obtain the justice that you deserve.

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