Top 3 Truck Accident Myths – Busted!

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According to the 2012 fatal truck accident crash report from the NHTSA, California ranks third among the states with the most number of vehicle crashes, 6.4 percent of which are truck accidents. Over the years, the distances traveled by big rigs have increased – making it tougher for drivers to meet their quotas. Couple this with fatigue and strict regulations and you have a collision in the making.

But there’s more to accidents than meets the eye. More than the injuries and compensation lay truths about what really went on before AND after the incident. If you or someone you know has been involved in a truck accident, then you understand how complicated it can become.

Will the trucking company be held liable? Was the driver really intoxicated before the impact? If the truck jackknifed, can you still survive the collision?

Don’t immediately believe everything you hear, see, or read. When it comes to truck accidents, myths can be deadly. Here’s the top three to be aware of:


Truck Accident Myths #1: Trucking companies usually cannot be held liable for accidents.

While the first instinct is to blame the semi truck driver, there are cases wherein the trucking company could be held liable as well. If there’s strong, sufficient evidence that the trucking company committed negligence, then they would need to compensate the victims for injuries and losses.

Among the reasons when this would apply includes:

  • Failure to comply with state and/or federal trucking laws
  • Inadequate training to drivers, or poor maintenance of vehicles
  • Not conducting necessary tests or background checks for their drivers

Even big trucking companies are NOT excused. Meet with a reputable trucking accident lawyer to help determine the extent of fault for your particular case.


Truck Accident Myths #2: The worst type of truck accident is jackknifing.

Although jackknifing can catch you off guard, there are other types of truck accidents that could be just as deadly – if not more.

Rollover accidents for example, can be fatal because it could strike at any moment. This could be triggered by strong winds, uneven distribution of load, equipment failure, or bad road conditions. That’s why vehicles sharing the road with big rigs are highly advised against tailgating or getting in a truck’s blind spots. Should the semi rollover, the force of impact would be greater on the passenger vehicle.

Be sure to practice defensive driving techniques when on the highway with semis.


Truck Accident Myths #3: Insurance companies will provide fair compensation for truck accident victims.

Although not entirely false, it’s not totally true either. That’s because insurance agencies are mostly looking out for their own policies and profits. As truck accidents are typically complicated matters, victims who immediately agree to settlements from insurance companies could be compromising legitimate accident claims.

If you want to know how much you really deserve and also bust common truck accident myths, it’s best to get in touch with an experienced California truck accident attorney. Take advantage of a free evaluation for your case. Don’t delay or hesitate.

Remember: this is not only for your peace of mind, but also for your future. With the help of a legal expert, you can get the compensation you deserve.

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