The Anatomy of a Fatal Semi Truck Crash

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Truck crashes usually happen in places where population is dense, like urban areas. So it’s no surprise that the state of Texas experiences plenty of semi truck accidents. This is most common in busy freeways like Interstate 10 and 35. While a semi truck crash may seem simple upon first glance, the events that led to the collision may not be.

In every semi truck crash, investigators must piece together various pieces of the puzzle to uncover the truth – and hopefully, help victims and their families get the compensation they deserve.

Here’s a look at the anatomy of fatal truck accidents: how they happened and why.


Minutes Before Impact: Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Even with their massive size, semi trucks can in fact, blend in with their surroundings that it can sometimes be hard for drivers to spot them from afar.

Weather conditions could aggravate matters further by adding fog or low light in the mix. Depending on the length and color of the vehicle, it’s possible for someone to mistake semis for a bridge in the distance, or even a high wall. If they’re speeding, are distracted, or are driving under intoxication, there’s a chance that they could collide with the truck ahead of them

Such is the case with Tesla’s self-driving car when it ran into a semi-truck in May of this year. The driver seems to have been distracted and didn’t notice the big rig in broad daylight. The self-driving car on the other hand, failed to detect it as well possibly due to the white side of the tractor-trailer against too much light.

Seconds Before Impact: Truck Crash Ahead

Due to their enormous size and heavy loads (up to 80,000 lbs.), collisions involving semis are almost always fatal. Motorists who get to walk away from truck crashes with only minor injuries are more than lucky. But this rarely happens.

It’s not just speeding and distractions that could contribute to a deadly truck crash. Aside from natural surroundings and weather making semis hard to detect at times, some truck drivers assume that other motorists know how to share the roads with them.

Remember: trucks can’t accelerate the way that other vehicles can. There will always be a delay of about 30 seconds of more. Plus, as their semi trailers are ‘hinged’ to the tractor, they will swing or jackknife at an angle. If trucks are making a turn at a corner for example, it’s not uncommon to find vehicles colliding at them from the sides.

The backs of semi trailers today have crash bars, preventing smaller vehicles from driving under them in case of an accident. However, the sides do not have any. That’s how drive-under or under-ride crashes happen. This is perhaps the deadliest type of truck crash. Occupants of the vehicle could suffer fatal injuries to their heads and/or upper bodies, as well as wrongful death.


The Aftermath

If you or someone you know has been involved in a truck crash in Texas, don’t hesitate to seek legal assistance. This is highly advised, especially for families who have suffered wrongful death during the time of the accident. Due to other parties involved (i.e. trucking companies, insurance agencies, etc.), the victim(s) could feel helpless or vulnerable to simple settlements.

Fight for what you deserve. Contact a Texas trucking accident lawyer who has years of experience on such cases. In the aftermath of even the deadliest truck crashes, you and your family still have a choice. Let us help.

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